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Nameless Doodle by zenarc Nameless Doodle :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 0 Hovering by zenarc Hovering :iconzenarc:zenarc 1 1 Sliding by zenarc Sliding :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 1 Rain d by zenarc Rain d :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 0
A princess's tale...
Frightened by nightless existence, a princess began to run,
Chased off by some people near her past, the wandering began anew,
Drifting endlessly through the full eclipse, the traveler's existence becomes unbound,
The dusty road of time, upwelling through the darkest path that pierces through...
Vampiric path, she had taken apart,
Endless, lifeless, she had chosen that way...
Waited there, she exhaled, exhumed,
Within the darkness, without the light, she embraced the nothingness...
And then, what did she get?
Another lifeless existence, within a fragile shell of so-called life...
Darkless, she walked outside the protective shrouds,
burned to ashes, she never shred a single tear after the embrace...
:iconzenarc:zenarc 1 5
Sleight by zenarc Sleight :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 1 Pald by zenarc Pald :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 1 Mask by zenarc Mask :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 2
Broken Verse
Broken angels break free from the wings of hope...
Leaving the living to gain something that can be gained...
Caged devils pleaded to have a better destiny then...
And given a false hope, are not they bring about the drought..?
:iconzenarc:zenarc 1 1
Sulfurous Lake by zenarc Sulfurous Lake :iconzenarc:zenarc 0 1
Just Advance
In a winding,
dusty road, I walked,
into the north, I traveled,
within the reaches, I rested,
in an intersection, I finally stopped...
Looking up the road,
the winding hills taunted me,
the chilling forest challenged me,
a simple plains attracted me,
a lonely mountain called for me...
In the other way,
just nothingness I could see,
without any life I would see,
within the night I should see,
the fake loneliness I always see...
What I do next, would you ask?
Taking a natural and creepy road up there,
go to eternal loneliness down there,
return to a dusty reaches south there,
or stay still where I am here...?
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 2
Change Seeker
Change dissolves into something different,
waiting for eternal timeless aging technique,
Traveling through the worlds like unending shapeless formations,
Even a pace of space's glowing cannot hold its righteousness...
Glowing into the endless time hole,
within a forbidden room of the Ancients,
there lies something Great, dark and shining,
thereby inert a knowledge of all worlds' compressed...
A Holder is the only one that knew whereabout of the room,
but another Key is needed to open the forbidden door,
and just a single entity ensured the safety of this Key,
and no one except herself know nothing about this thing...
So someone who hold dearly the changer evidence,
searching endlessly for ageless neverending story,
Boarding a single rowboat to another timeplane and spatial convergence,
He lost interest to this crumbling Tower and will departed into nothingness forever...
Leaving this Tower crumbled...
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 3
Feel Like Dreams
Dreamer's world,
fly away, into
something else,
unreal, unsound...
Well wishers,
through the realities,
unsafe, unmade...
another realm,
within another body,
confused, reawakened...
Fantasy resurrected,
trapping conscience,
sleeping into
eternal divinity...
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 1
Where the truth lies...
Dream together,
through the slopes of time, we dreamt...
Weaving the threads, spinning the fates,
concurrently, together, beyond understanding...
Realities, as we see fit,
not a
as it is, like an illusion itself, wrapped
inside a magician's sleeves...
So, can you SEE where
the real truth lies
In dream
or this so-called
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 0
Rain Traveler
I want to leave through the rainfalls...
Into the depth of each drops,
within the softness of each clouds,
I moved on through the curtain of mists...
"To the twilight, here I came,
to the dusk, here I goes,
within the light of dawn, I move on..."
I am still here, even after the rain ends...
On this sunless land, I step my foot into...
In this ageless world, I walk with these legs...
At this timeless space, I wander aimlessly...
Without the cover of rains, I never move...
Without ray of the dawn, I never start...
Without anything to hold with, I am never here...
So where am I, if I am never here...?
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 0
Without the meanings of life, the darkness moves throughout the lightless leyline
trying to
more job to get something on the surface without paying attention
to the surroundings
it has crept into
flooding the line
creeping the shore
blasting the earth
:iconzenarc:zenarc 0 5



Zen Arrkheim
Current Residence: Indonesia, Bandung...
Favourite genre of music: Modern Alternative, Pop-Rock, Techno will do, though; Some classic wouldn;t hurt either ^^
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp and my ol' MD Player...
Shell of choice: I have no shell in my back...
Wallpaper of choice: Riviera : The Promised Land theme, Magic:The Gathering Ravnica Forest Art
Skin of choice: Well, as you see, this skin-color...
Favourite cartoon character: Makoto Shishio (RK)
Personal Quote: Darkness is beyond my reach.. But light isn't suitable for me.. So I chose twilight instead...
  • Listening to: Pure Snow (OST Himiko Den) - Yuko Sasaki
  • Playing: Valkyrie Profile 1 + Caesar IV
  • Drinking: Tekita Lemon
Somehow, someday, not this day but near this day, incidentally I lost my will to do anything... Dunno why...

Maybe just too tired and too bored about this world.... maybe..?
Maybe yes, maybe no...

Well, i suppose i must finish anything i do as fast as possible before that happens.. because even now, my will is very low to do anything...



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abcdefghijef Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2008
watching,, ^^
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are we there yet?
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yamineco Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
Ozziii~!!!! \(^.^)/
burd Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2006  Hobbyist Filmographer
hai, salam Mika, yang kemaren ketemu di Japan Art Festival yogya...salah satu 'penjaga stan' yang isinya cowo doang itu tuh, ho ho ho...
Comethius Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
Keep up the good work on the writing, I really enjoyed reading the story about the girl.
The-Starcow Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: dude! :glomp:
dear-summer Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
Oz! pageview kita beda satu!! :D
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Millenial! ^^

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omedetou! :D
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